Iscte – Instituto Universitario de Lisboa

Iscte ( is a public university established in 1972 pursuing teaching, research and community service activities. With more than 9600 students enrolled in undergraduate (44%) and postgraduate (56%) programs, more than 300 professors and 400 integrated researchers, Iscte is one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country producing, transmitting and transferring knowledge to society according with the highest international standards. The strategic objectives of Iscte are: innovation, quality, internationalization and development of an entrepreneurial culture in the main scientific fields of Management and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Policy, ICT and Architecture. Iscte develops strong cooperation with more than 100 international entities, private and 3rd sector organizations, is annually running more than 200 scientific projects and publishing more than 1400 international scientific papers. It follows a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach that includes 8 research units (RU), 6 laboratories, as well as the 16 Departments and 4 Schools that form main organizational structures. Within Iscte, the project is hosted at the Business Research Unit (BRU-Iscte) recognized by its excellence in research and contribution to improving managerial and policy-level decision making in Portugal and internationally, in crucial Business-related areas such as Management, Operations & Logistics, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Data Analytics and Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. You can learn more here!

OIGI SAS – Société par actions simplifiée a associé unique ou société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle.

OIGI SAS is a start up in the area of professional, vocational and continuous education services. It provides tailor-made educational experiences founded on the principles of experiential learning to nurture the interplays between theory and practice. It focuses its educational services on the areas of strategic analysis and management, business networks and alliances, innovation management, new product programming and public policy within the sectors of aerospace, aviation and sustainable urban mobility. OIGI promotes cross-sectoral problem-solving and policymaking through stakeholder co-creation, responsible research and innovation, and systemic leadership approaches. Its educational experiences are capitalizing on proven participatory methods of scenario planning and back-casting of future studies, strategy and technology road-mapping, design thinking, and participants equal co-creation by building symbolic and metaphorical models.

Municipality of Egaleo

The Municipality of Egaleo is situated at the west region of the urban planning complex of the region of Attica and has been built at both sides of the ancient road “Iera Odos”. The official records of the 2011 census estimate a population of 69.946 inhabitants. However, it is estimated that the city is inhabited by approximately 120.000 people and the average neat density is 225 inhabitants/hectare. Egaleo is the center of the wider region of the west Athens area and functions as an administrative and commercial center. It has a high traffic volume and is the main service center and attraction for the citizens of other neighboring municipalities due to its location and the three metro stations (Agia Marina, Egaleo and Eleonas). In addition, the University of Western Attica with two campuses of approximately 25.000 students is located at Egaleo. Egaleo is one of the oldest municipalities of the country and has always been a pole of attraction for new settlers.

The city of Egaleo displays a huge diversity of sources and centers that continue to develop. Contrary to the shortage of free spaces and the lack of social equipment, compared to its population, Egaleo has such a high concentration of commerce that is scattered all over the city and many times exceeds the necessary and desirable limits. The municipality funds, organizes and develops a remarkable course of action in the fields of culture and sports as well as on issues of social policy. Part of this action is confirmed by the existence and functioning of the Municipal Theatre, the Intellectual Centre, the Art Lab, and many other athletic facilities. Our sensitivity towards social problems turns into action in the Geriatric Homes, the Counselling Centre, and the Municipal Day Nurseries. The huge grove “Baroutadiko” including leisure and sports facilities stands in the middle of the city while our municipal mansion is situated at “Iera Odos”. You can learn more here!


Dronint Ltd was founded in 2018, as an academy for drone operation training and licensing in Cyprus, certified by EASA and the Civil Aviation Authority. In the years since its establishment the company has created a space for itself in the forefront of UAS innovation and development through offering highly competitive specialized UAV based services. Dronint maintains close relationships with leading companies as a procurator, service provider and consultant and continuously contributes to publicly and privately funded research and innovative development on unmanned aviation, automated systems, and artificial intelligence Applications. Within UAMSchool4Cities, Dronint is leveraging industry know-how and experience as a VET provider to contribute to the creation of a rounded training course. You can learn more here!

e-Trikala S.A.

Since 2004, the e-Trikala office of the Municipality of Trikala, in cooperation with and in the line of the operational programme “The Information Society” is acting in the fields of new broadband technologies, successfully implementing municipal projects. On the 8th of April 2008, having the required experience, it was transformed into e-Trikala S.A., an emerging company, formed within the Municipality of Trikala. The Municipality is the basic stakeholder owning 99% while the remaining 1% is owned by the local Chambers of Commerce. By creating infrastructure and by providing services, e-Trikala continuously aims to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based applications, oriented to the improvement of all citizens’ everyday life, in a medium sized city, simplifying public transactions, reducing telecommunication costs and delivering new services related to the local way of life. Moreover, these ICT applications offer new ways and methods that enable citizens participate on policy-making, while in parallel establish local Government and Public Authorities as guarantors of local society’s every day proper, digital and distanced operation. e-Trikala S.A. operates upon a fully integrated basis while, as the First Digital City in Greece, proclaimed in 2004 by the Greek Ministry of Economics, it establishes high technological and broadband National standards by using and offering its “know-how” to other municipalities within Greece. The company’s main areas of expertise are e-transportation, e-education, e-health, e-government & e-democracy, Geographical Information Systems, networks (Wi-Fi, fibre optic, Wi-Max pilot application & operation), cultural event planning & organizing (exhibitions, conferences). You can learn more here!

Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd.

Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd is an interdisciplinary socio-technical research and technology development SME. The staff of Future Needs has a long record of successful project management and coordination as well as design and development of digital services, policy evaluation, business development and science communication.  Future Needs specializes in shaping the development of technology to best suit the needs of practitioners/end-users. As a team we bring the latest technology trends and aspects of creativity, (youth) entrepreneurship and start-up mentality to projects we are involved in. We help our clients elicit user requirements for the development of new products and services, we develop R&D roadmaps aiming at product and service commercialization, and we ensure security standards compliance for services and products we work on, before they hit the market. We help our clients from the public and non-for-profit sectors to carry out Impact Assessment and policy evaluation studies, while ensuring secure, ethical, and privacy-considerate processes and following the “better regulation guidelines” of the European Commission. Finally, we leverage our relationship with a variety of stakeholders ranging from technical specialists and key industry players to policymakers and citizen groups when offering dissemination and community building services. Information technology & telecommunications, education, migration, healthcare, transport, regional development, culture, and finance. You can learn more here!

AV Living Lab, d.o.o.

AV Living Lab is an integrator, mobility expert, and unique world-class living lab, connecting advanced technologies, data, content and people rich ecosystem and the physical environment to develop new breakthrough solutions in this unique City as a Lab environment. AV Living Lab’s work in focused on three main areas: mobility research and living lab activities, organization of mobility-related events, and development of new mobility solutions. Through our research, testing and demonstration activities we focus on social acceptance and embracement of technologies, while considering empathetic technology. It consists of 6 permanent team members, and several external team members from industries, such as mobility, ICT, smart grid, smart cities, and finance. AV Living Lab established Slovenian Autonomous Driving ecosystem with members, such as DARS (national motorway company), AMZS (national automobile association), BTC, IBM Slovenia, University of Ljubljana… AV Living Lab is an Ambassador of Slovenian economy – Green. Creative. Smart. You can learn more here!